• Intercultural Teamwork – Interactions in Organizations, Bachelor, with Daniela Gröschke (Summer 2022)


  • Bounce back, bounce forward ? – Resilience in the workplace, Bachelor (Winter 2022/2023)
  • Intercultural Teamwork, Bachelor, with Nick Ludwig (Summer 2022, Winter 2022/2023)
  • Intercultural Problem Solving, Bachelor (Winter 2021/22)
  • Introduction to R, with Laura Malik (Winter 2021/22)
  • Simulation Games and Experimental Research Designs, Ph.D. course, 15th Summer Academy on „Innovation, Digitalization and Structural Change“ (Summer 2021)

Supervision of Master’s theses: I will not accept new students for thesis supervision until April 2023. If you are interested in writing a thesis with me from April 2023 on, please contact me via E-Mail.